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Downloading Now!


Hollows Explorer
Hey guys, ive decided to finally get this game! Ive always loved lotr, but didnt really think of this game!

So here I am.. Ill be playing a Wizard, I know... Its a shocker..

Anyways, if anyone wants to play, my account name is ZaneFrostfire, ign Zane Frostfire! :p

Bellon the Wise

Survivor of Five Rivers
Bless you Zane, its a Lorekeeper, all though the Runekeeper is a bit more magical... more of a Sorcerror. Just be sure to roll over on the Laurien server....


Hollows Explorer
I know the classes, just keeping it simple :p im going to be a human lorekeeper. You do play, right cherbert?
& yeah Bellon, id prefer a runekeeper, but im only a free member :/


Lord of Altera
I'm on Laurien :) It's the EN RP server right? I have an elf there called Zafis, he's a captain or champion, i don't remember. But I'm only level 6 :(


Lord of Altera
Im installing it again right now :3 Ill probly have a human Lorekeeper and a Hobbit Burglar :)


Hollows Explorer
Had to begin re-re-installing it! Been almost 24 hrs since i began downloading it...... Stupid poweroutages and windows vista.


Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Retired Staff
Yes I do play. We do have a Kin (Guild). Its called The Hollow. Please add your player character names here and I will add you. But I won't be able to do it until Friday night.