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Here is a comprehensive guide on what titles you have access to, and what you can purchase to change them!​

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Titles and Commands
  1. Traveler
  2. Villager
  3. Patron
  4. Hero
  5. Blessed
  6. Mystic
  7. Legend
  8. Legacy Ranks
  9. Keep HW Alive (Custom Perks)
Breaking our rules and receiving a permanent ban (That is intended as a permanent ban, permanent bans "Pending appeal" will not have any permissions removed unless it's decided the player will stay banned) will get any donator perks removed if the player is unbanned. Please make sure to follow the rules which are all listed in the King's Law.

-Contributions towards updating ranks come with cumulative prices!
-All contributors earn a sparkling entrance when logging into the server.



/Title Help - Will list the commands
/Title List [Page Number] - Will list all the titles you own. If you have any of the Contributor Ranks you will be unable to see them all on one page.
/Title Use [Title Name] - Will use the title you name assuming you have access to it and it is spelled correctly. If it is spelled incorrectly it will display similar titles that you have access to according to your spelling.
/Title Use [Title Number] - Assuming you have access to the numbered title you will start using that title.
/Title Clear - Will stop using current title and return you to base title of “Traveler”.
Note: Higher tier ranks receive all the titles from the lesser ranks. Legend ranks can choose any title from base, villager, patron, or hero ranks.​


[Peasant] [Base Rank (Free)]
Travelers have no special colors and appear grey in their titles. They also only have access to ten titles. They have no special command privileges.

Traveler - Traveler is the default title given to you when you join, it means you are a traveler of Altera.
Wanderer - Wanderer is someone who moves without a definite destination or reason.
Peasant - A peasant is part of the lower class in a hierarchy, they mostly work with agriculture.
Human - A human is one of the core races in Altera, for more information and lore, click Here.
Dwarf - A dwarf is one of the core races in Altera, for more information and lore, click Here.
Elf - An elf is one of the core races in Altera, for more information and lore, click Here.
Halfling - A halfling is one of the core races in Altera, for more information and lore, click Here.
Earthspawn - An earthspawn is one of the special races in Altera, for more information and lore, click Here.
Caparii - A caparii is one of the core races in Altera, for more information and lore, click Here.
Nakat - A nakat is one of the special races in Altera, for more information and lore, click Here.
Makani - A makani is one of the restricted races in Altera, for more information and lore, click Here.
Child - A young being, usually under the age of 13 (human year, will differ for other races). Can be referred to a child of two or one parent(s).
Anhalder -
Kaltic -
Sangrian -
Aorian -
Wounded -
Newcomer -

[Villager] [5$ Contributor Rank]
Villagers have green titles in game and can use up to 60 titles now.

Hermit - A person who has lives in solitude (alone).
Shepherd - One who cares and tends for sheep. Can also be one who guide a group of people.
Stranger - A foreigner or one who is unacquainted with people.
Rat Catcher - A person who kills or drive away rats and other vermins.
Peon - Someone who does simple and repetitive tasks. Holds a very low rank. An unskilled worker, comparable to a slave.
Outlaw - A person who is outside of the protection of the law.
Infected - A person infected with a disease or curse.
Slave - A person who is owned as property of someone else. Can also be a person controlled by a specified influence; alcohol and etc.
Friar - A member of a religious order, committed to society. Can be often found travelling through a certain area.
Thief - A person who commits thievery actions. Someone who steals from another.
Peddler - One who travels around and trades wares for a living.
Village Idiot - A person perceived as retarded or mentally ill yet harmless and is accepted in social structures.
Fallen - Can be a person who has been fallen from a higher position to a lower position. A king fallen to being a peasant for example.
Beggar - A person who is usually dependent on gifts from others to survive and does not own any property.
Buffoon - A clown or jester. A person who amuses others with amusing or odd behaviour.
Birdwatcher - A person who observes and identifies birds in their different surroundings.
Cat Fetcher - A person designated to wrangle all of the feral cats in the town and move them elsewhere.
Gravedigger - A person whose occupation is digging graves and caring for them.
Scallywag - A rogue and rascal. For example someone who could be seen as traitors.
Villager - A citizen that lives in a village.
Monk - A man who is member of a religious brotherhood living to a prescribed lifestyle. Often found in self-sufficient communities that devote all of their free time to praising their god.
Aspirant - A person who seeks recognition and advancement in honor. A person who aspires a high position.
Brawler - A fighter who loves to brawl or brawls for money.
Savage - A person who is not cultivated. Uncivilized.
Scout - A military role. A person who spies or explores in order to obtain information.
Forester - A person who is trained forestry (maintaining forests) and/or one that inhabits a forest.
Woodsman - An occupation tasked with harvesting and transporting trees.
Journeyman - A person who is qualified in his trade or craft in another's employ
Sailor - A person who serves in a naval job or works on a ship.
Miner - A person that works in mines and extract ore or minerals from the earth.
Servant - A person who is employed to perform domestic services.
Farmer - A person who works on or operates a farm. A person who works with agriculture.
Baker - One that bakes bread and similar things, usually for a living.
Cook - A person who prepares food for eating, usually for a living.
Messenger - One that carries messages or performs errands. Delivering information and letters.
Milk Maid - A woman who milks cows or other animals.
Gatherer - Typically a peasant who goes out into surrounding forests to gather berries and other naturally growing food sources.
Watchman - A man who is employed to stand guard or keep watch.
Crafter - A person specialized in the arts of crafting. Can be different things from doors to ships.
Pillager - A man who loots items, typically during times of unrest like a war.
Bard - A person who performs poetry or verses, celebrating legendary happenings or heroes.
Fisherman - Someone who fishes as an occupation
Jester - A person, mostly employed by nobles, to entertain.
Maiden - A girl who is either unmarried or a virgin.
Drunkard - A person who is drunk most of the time.
Man-at-Arms - A military role, a soldier equipped with heavy arms. Most are supplied with a horse.
Initiate - A person who has rudimentary knowledge in a particular field.
Lumberjack - A person who fells trees and transport them to mills.
Labourer - A person who does physical work which rarely requires certain skills.
Underdog - A loser, or predicted loser in a struggle or conflict.
Vagrant - A person who drifts from place to place without a stable home or job.
Pawn - A person serving as a hostage.
Knave - A male servant. In some terms, a scamp or villain.
Orphan - A child that has lost both or one parent through death.
Waif - A person or child without a home or friends.
Urchin - A mischievous child.
Smuggler - A person that imports or exports goods in violation of the law or without legal pay.
Swindler - A person who cheats others out of money or goods.

[Patron] [15$ Contributor Rank]
Have a light blue title in game and can use a total of 172 titles.

Burglar - Another word for thief. Burglars usually breaks into your homes and steals objects.
Nomad - A person who does not have a permanent home and moves according to the seasons; For food and etc.
Maid - A maid can be an unmarried girl or woman. A maid can be a female servant.
Noble - A person who posses high rank in a social or political class. High on the hierarchy.
Trader - A person who sells and buys different wares, mostly for a living.
Yeoman - A servant or worker in a royal or noble household.
Innkeeper - A person who owns or manages an inn or something like.
Merchant - A person who owns a shop and whose occupation is selling wares for profit.
Alchemist - A person who practices alchemy. A person who makes drinks, elixir and etc.
Clerk - A person who works with keeping records and document regular affairs.
Shipwright - A person who builds and/or repairs ships.
Brewer - A person who occupies himself with brewing different beverages, mostly alcoholic ones.
Sheriff - A public law enforce of higher rank.
Barber - Someone who works with cutting or shaving different people. Mostly shaving men and boys.
Envoy - A representative of a government or house, sent for a diplomatic reason.
Armourer - A person who makes and/or maintains arms and armor.
Bar keeper - A person who owns or manages a bar and sales alcoholic beverages.
Tavern keeper - A person who owns or manages a tavern.
Guard - A person who defends different things or people. For example a castleguard, who defends a castle.
Squire - A person who is one rank below knight and usually works for a knight.
Bandit - A robber and outlaw who is usually part of an armed group of bandits.
Hunter - A person who hunts animals for food and other animal products. Can also be a person who hunts as a sport.
Huntress - The female equivalent of a "hunter", read hunter for further information.
Soldier - A military role, An enlisted person who serves in an army.
Warrior - A person who is engaged in or experienced in battle.
Tailor - A person who makes or repairs clothes. Can also alter garments. Usually as an occupation.
Seamstress - A woman who is skilled in the art of sewing and who does so as an occupation.
Blacksmith - A person who forges different minerals into different metallic tools and weapons; Horseshoes, swords and other tools.
Mechanist - A person who works with mechanical constructions and studies in it; Catapults and etc.
Engineer - A person who creates different constructions and engaged in engineering.
Stonecarver - A person who works with stone carving. Creating statues and such out of stone.
Deckhand - A person who performs manual labour on a ship.
Stonemason - A person who prepares and lays stones on a building.
Scribe - A person who makes handwritten copies of different texts and documents.
Acolyte - A person who assists during the performance of rituals or other religious acts.
Priest - A person who is authorized to perform sacred religious rituals.
Priestess - The female equivalent of "priest", read priest for further information.
Heretic - A person who holds opinions which goes against accepted social opinions. Can be a different understanding of a god.
Shaman - A person who acts as a mediator between natural and supernatural.
Mercenary - A soldier or warrior who sells his skills to the highest bidder.
Herald - A person who carries or gives important news. He can stand on the streets, announcing important news.
Artist - A person who creates things of imagination and aesthetic value; Paintings and etc.
Tinker - A person who enjoys experimenting with mechanical parts.
Tunneler - A person who shapes or digs tunnels. Like a miner
Herbalist - A person who grows, collects and specializes in the use of herbs.
Poet - A person who writes poems.
Caretaker - A person who is employed to take care or look after objects, property or person(s).
Apostle - A person who spreads the word of a god, out to other people.
Sentry - A guard, given the job to prevent passage of unauthorized people.
Forsaken - A person who has been, or feels, abandoned by someone or something that was previously a guiding factor in their life.
Guide - A person who shows the way by advising, leading or directing people. Can be a model for other people.
Hangman - A person employed to execute people by hanging.
Brother - A male being, related to someone else (Either by blood or strong relation). A relationship to someone else.
Sister - The female equivalent of "brother", read brother for more information
Father - A man who is the caretaker of a child. Can also be seen as a title of respect for someone you look up to.
Mother - A woman who is the caretaker of a child. Can also be seen as a title of respect for someone who holds position and authority similar to a mother.
Courier - A person who brings out messages. Mostly used in official diplomatic business.
Apprentice - A person who is bound to work for someone for a agreed amount of time or until a goal is reached, in trade for instructions and advice in a specific area.
Spy - A person who secretly gathers information concerning enemies or a group.
Killer - A person who has killed one or several people.
Merciless - A person who lacks mercy or pity for others. Can be a cruel being.
Banished - A person who is forced to leave an area(country, city and etc.) or an institution due to the ruling of the governing authority.
Nature-lover - A person who loves the nature. Tries to take care of nature and depending on situation, would choose nature over most things.
Exile - A person who is either forced who has chosen himself to live alone. Living away from one's home, mostly used as a punishment.
Shackled - An individual who is either physically chained with shackles, or someone who is negatively dependent on a person, place, or thing and cannot give it up.
Runaway - A person that has escaped control or confinement; jail.
Page - A person who is acting as a knight's attendant, as first stage of training for knighthood.
Nordic - (Still in discussion) (Perhaps change it to Norvic?)
Northerner - The title of a person whose native home lies in the Northern parts of Altera
Southerner - The title of a person whose native home lies in the Southern parts of Altera.
Criminal - A person who has broken a law and therefor done a crime.
Nun - A woman who belongs to a religious order and lives under a vow of their god.
Clock Handler - A person who watches or manages the time on a clock.
Forest Elf - A forest elf is a branch of the different elves. Click Here for lore.
Silver Elf - A silver elf is a branch of the different elves. Click Here for lore.
Moor Elf - A moor elf is a branch of the different elves. Click Here for lore.
LeiMakani - A lei makani is a branch of the different makani. Click Here for lore.
YaVeiMakani - A yavei makani is a branch of the different makani. Click Here for lore.
PoMakani - A po makani is a branch of the different makani. Click Here for lore.
Herder - A person who maintains/take cares of herds of cows or flocks of sheep.
Refugee - A person who flees to another country, seeking safety from war, political pressure and etc.
Fool - A person who is lacking in judgment, sense or understanding. Can given the name if disagreeing with unstable reason.
Patron - A person who protects or supports someone in different cases. Could be a sponsor for a guild or other.
Knight - A person trained in warfare and mounted combat. A knight serves his lord and is heavily armed with both armor and weapon.
Archer - A person engaged in archery and experienced in fighting/hunting/practicing with a bow and arrow.
Mayor - The head of the political system in a city, town or other. da boss
Rogue - A person who is seen as dishonest or unprincipled. Usually very solitary and usually lacks permanent housing or home.
Shield-maiden - A woman who has chosen to fight in a war.
Patrician - A person with very refined manners and tastes. Often of very noble housing.
Dame - A name for a lady with authority or a mistress of a household.
Curate - A person who is a member of the church and assists a priest in charging the holy building.
Minstrel - A person who sings and recites poetry and travels from place to place.
Elder - An older person known for the apparent wisdom that comes with age, often respected and sought for council.
Pirate - A person who commits crimes(piracy) at sea. Performs robbery at sea.
Physician - A person trained and engaged in healing and able of treating injuries.
Steward - A person who manages another's property and other things.
Berserker - A person who fights with reckless frenzy and is barbaric
Dockmaster - A person who controls the ship routes and destinations. Helps transports to all of Altera.
First Mate - A person employed on a ship. First mate is the second in command next after the captain.
Captain - A person who owns or is employed on a ship. A captain commands a ship.
Artisan - A person who is engaged in making different products by hand.
Pacifist - A person who believes everything can be solved peacefully and without violence.
Diplomat - A person who works by representing a house or nation in relation to other house's or nations.
Soldier - A military role, a person who serves in an army or legion.
Prospector - A person who explores caves, areas and mines for mineral resources.
Emissary - A person functioning as an agent to represent the interest of another.
Disciple - A person who assists in spreading the teaching of their god.
Headmaster - A man who oversees a school in a largely administrative role, but is sometimes known to teach.
Headmistress - The female equivalent of "headmaster". Read headmaster for further information.
Professor - A teacher or person with high knowledge in a specific area. Seen as the highest academic rank.
Librarian - A person who is employed in a library.
Healer - A person who is engaged in magic healing, this art is really rare though and also used as synonym for Physicians.
Skirmisher - A person who is employed as fighter for minor fights; A member of a scouting party for example.
Cultist - A person who follows or leads a religious cult that is seen as extremist or heresy.
Guildmaster - The leader of a guild, having guild members under his lead.
Damsel - A younger unmarried woman. Also used for noble women.
Cartographer - A person engaged in the production of maps.
Innovator - A person who introduces something new or changes something of anything established.
Punisher - A person that subjects another to pain, loss, confinement or death as a penalty for offence.
Voyager - One who undergoes travel and exploration of the unknown.
Wayfinder - A person navigating to a particular location.
Rook - A swindler, a cheat.
Cobbler - A person who mends shoes.
Worker - A laborer.

[Hero] [30$ Contributor Rank]
Heroes have blue in game titles and have access to 232 titles in game.

Musician - A person who makes or performs music.
Singer - A person who is trained or engaged in singing.
Slaver - A person who is engaged in transporting or selling slaves.
Outcast - A person who has been excluded from a society or house.
Gauntlet - The intimidating individual in the military tasked with doling out punishment to the insubordinates.
Blade - A warrior or fighter, trained in the ways of the swords. (swordsman)
Duelist - A person who is in a duel. A person engaged in formal combat between two persons.
Freeman - A normal man who is neither slave or serf. A neutral man.
Freewoman - The female equivalent of "freeman", read freeman for explanation.
Knacker - A person who buys old or worn-out animals and slaughters them for meat or hide.
Land Owner - A person posses different plots and sells or rents them for payment.
Traitor - A person who has betrayed his word, house, trust. A person who people used to trust, but betrays their trust.
Comedian - A person who entertain people by telling jests (joke) and other such things.
Overseer - A person who watches or manages the work of others. For example watches over labourers.
Watchmaker - A person who tends/repairs clocks/watches and makes them.
Bowman - Can be two things. A synonym for archer. Or a person who rows or paddles at the bow.
Hedge Knight - A hedge knight is a knight who wanders around without a master. Usually they are quite poor.
Hero - A person who is celebrated for his doings and favoured by the gods. A hero is said to have great courage and strength.
Paladin - A knight who is determined to defend a cause or god. Usually a superior knight.
Barbarian - A person who is savage and uncivilised. Can also be a person seen by others as culturally inferior.
Veteran - A person who once had served long service in an army, but no longer is.
Legionnaire - A person who is part of a legion formed of foreign volunteers to serve a house or nation.
Infiltrator - A person who takes on another identity or reason, to gather information in another house or nation.
Recruit - A newly enlisted person in a organization, army and etc.
Wiseman - A person who is honoured and known for wise knowledge, judgment and etc.
Wisewoman - A woman considered to be knowledgeable in things as herbal healing and other.
Crusader - A person who is part of an holy army, who is engaged in a military expedition.
Troubadour - A person who composes song, the lyrics being about love. Can also be a wandering minstrel.
Huscarl - A person who is employed as bodyguard or in a household troop.
Apothecary - A person who prepares and sells drugs and medicine.
Ambassador - A diplomatic official of highest rank. Is usually representative for a house or nation.
Philosopher - A person who lives and thinks according to a philosophy. Ask questions to theories, ethics, logic and other stuff. Basically asks questions to everything.
Bonedancer - An eccentric folk mystic who claims to be in tune with the spirits and can communicate with the dead.
Soothsayer - A person who is or says they are able to predict the future by different methods.
Sage - A person whom people have deep respect for experience, judgment or wisdom.
Seer - A person who observes events and says they are able to predict the future.
Scholar - A person is specialised in a specific branch of knowledge.
Warsmith - An engineer whose sole job is to invent and craft siege weapons and instruments of war.
Sentinel - A guard who is employed to keep guard and watch over.
Gladiator - A captive or slave trained to entertain people by engaging in mortal combat with other people or animals.
Architect - A person who designs the construction of buildings or other large structures.
Commander - A military role. A person employed to control military formation or operation.
Gemcutter - A person who cuts, shapes and polishes different gemstones. For example into jewellery.
Marksman - A person trained archery from a long distance and skilled in shooting a target.
Zealot - A person who is really committed to a god, most times at an extremist level.
Inquisitor - An inquisitor is one works against heresy and blasphemy on religious principle, either of their own will or guided by a higher order or power. For more information, click Here
Arena Master - A person who controls what happens in the arena. For example the fate of a survivor or releasing the lions.
Owner - A person who owns something; Such as a theatre, bar or other.
Vassal - A person who is dependent or a subordinate. A person pays homage and work in return for protection.
Fletcher - A person who makes arrows as an occupation.
Actor - A person who works with acting. Usually an occupation.
Actress - The female equivalent of "actor", read actor for further information.
Loner - A person who usually avoids company of other people and prefers to be alone.
Silversmith - A person who works, makes or repairs different objects of silver.
Vanguard - A military role. The front position in an army when advancing to battle.
Scandalmonger - A person who spreads mischievous gossip.
High-Society - A person in the upper classes.
Arbelist - An arbalist is a person trained in the use of the crossbow and likes.
Warden - A person who is in charge or takes care for something, like a prison. Usually chief administrator.
Entertainer - A person whose occupation is entertaining people with sing, dance or other things in public events or places.
Executioner - A person who enacts an act, will or judgement.
Trainer - A person who trains others.
Faithful - One that is true to their words, affections, loyalties or beliefs.
Unfaithful - One that is not true to their words, affections, loyalties or beliefs.
Leader - A guiding and directing head.
Puppeteer - A person who manipulates puppets.

[Blessed] [$40 Contributor Rank]
Blessed have green and white in-game titles and access to 253 titles total.

Blessed - Someone that feels as if they have been shown divine favor, or are holy in some way
Sacred - A spiritual person in tune with a Divine. They embody their religious texts.
Oracle - A Priest or Priestess acting as a medium of the gods.
Prophet - A person who speaks on behalf of one of the Pantheon gods through divine inspiration.
Exalted - An individual placed at a high or powerful level of a religious order
Revered - Someone who is deeply respected and admired by others
Cleric - A person who lives their life for a divine being in order to further their divine's doctrines.
Curate - A person at a low-level in a religious order who often speaks religious doctrines
Rector - A person who manages a church or who handles administrative affairs within a religious order.
Minister - A person who spreads the word of the Divine and works to bring in new converts to the order.
Touched - A person that people say has been influenced by madness. 'Touched in the head' is often a reference.
Ardent - A person who is enthusiastic and passionate about something
Devout - A person who is deeply committed to their religious doctrine
Convert - A person who has recently been indoctrinated into a new religious view, or religious order.
Steadfast - A person who is unmoving in their beliefs and dedication. Dutiful and firm.
Devoted - A person that shows unerring love for a person, entity, or idea.
Fanatic - A person whose fervor and devotion strays into enthusiastic and frightening obsession.
Staunch - A person whose personality tends to be loyal and committed
Stalwart - A person who is often known as loyal, reliable, and hardworking.

[Mystic] [$40 Contributor Rank]
Mystic have a dark-grey and aqua in-game titles and access to 253 titles total.

(img soon)

Mage - A magician or someone learned in the Arcane arts
Mystic - Someone learned in the Arcane arts. Someone who is 'otherworldly'
Neophyte - A person who is new to a subject, skill or belief
Witch - A woman thought to have magical powers, mostly of evil nature
Formist - A person with inane abilities in the school of Formistry
Eviscist - A person with inane abilities in the school of Eviscism
Animancer - A person with inane abilities in the school of Animancy
Cogimencer - A person with inane abilities in the school of Cogimency
Sparked - Someone ignited by fiery thoughts, beliefs. Or someone sparked by one of the Arcane arts
Siren - A mystical figure with a captivating allure about them
Spellbinder - One who binds spells from Enchantment books with magic
Enchanter - A man who uses Enchantment books, magic or sorcery
Enchantress - A woman who uses Enchantment books, magic or sorcery
Marvel - Someone who is wonderful or astonishing
Trickster - Someone who cheats or deceives people
Charmer - A person with an attractive or engaging personality. Someone who uses this to manipulate others.
Arcanist - Shapers and tinkerers of the arcane world. Scholars of arcane magic.
Fortune Teller - A person who practices of predicting information
Pupil - A student in a school

[Merchant] [$40 Contributor Rank]
Merchant has a golden and pink in-game titles and access to 253 titles total.


Broker - A person who buys and sells goods or assets for others.
Seller - A person who sells something.
Trader - A person who trades things.
Trafficker - A person who deals or trades in something illegal.
Vendor - A person or company offering something for sale, especially a trader in the street.
Handler - A person who handles or deals with certain articles or commodities.
Fence - A person who specialises in the re-selling of ill gotten goods.
Intermediary - A person who acts as a link between people in order to try to bring about an agreement or reconciliation; a mediator.
Negotiator - A person who conducts negotiations.
Hawker - A person who travels around selling goods, typically advertising them by shouting.
Huckster - A person who sells small items, either door-to-door or from a stall or small store.
Chandler - A dealer in supplies and equipment for ships and boats.
Tax Collector - A person who collects taxes.
Investor - A person who utilizes investments in order to grow their money and/or provide an income.
Schemer - A person who is involved in making secret or underhanded plans.
Shopkeeper - A person who is involved in the ownership or operation of a store or market.
Shipper - A person who is involved in the trade and movement of goods.
Magnate - A person who is wealthy and influential.
Purveyor - A person who is involved in the trade of specific specialty goods.

[Legend] [60$ Contributor Rank]
Legends have purple in game titles and access to 279 titles total.

/hat to wear what you’re holding!
Legend - A person whose stories and doings has passed through times and gained recognition
Radiant- A person who is physically attractive and spends time on their look.
Blademaster - A person whose skill with blades has reached the title worthy of "master".
Centurion - The leader of a big unit, mostly consisting of 100. Aka. The leader of a century
Nightblade - A person who lurks in the shadows and works with stealthy murder.
Templar - A high ranking member of a military religious order.
Visionary - A person who is given impractical or speculative ideas or dreams. A dreamer
Lightbringer - High ranking religious follower of the Sun. Could likely also apply to a follower of Ignis Synnove.
Revenant - A person who returns from death or a person who returns from a long absence, which also could be misunderstood as being dead.
Marauder - A person who attacks in search for loot. Could also be called a plunderer.
Shadowblade - See "Nightblade"
Reaver - A person who carries or seizes things forcibly.
General - A military rank. A person who is highest or superior in rank. Gives the general commands and orders.
Virtuoso - A person who is masterly skilled in different arts. The person can be masterly in ability and technique, but also personal style.
Vanquisher - A person who defeats or conquer his opponents in battle.
Politician - A person who is active in politics. Usually they have their own special departments.
Chancellor - A secretary to a king or queen, or a higher noble.
Chamberlain - A person who manages the household of a monarch or noble.
Admiral - A commander of a fleet.
Avenger - A person who takes vengeance on behalf of others.
Warlord - A military role. A commander who commands civil power in a region. It can be both to help or go against the national government.
Master - A person who has control over another person or a group of people. The person can be a slave.
Thane - A man with high rank, gained from the king or leader, of a nation or government
Overlord - A person who holds power over other lords. Usually has great influence or power and rules tyrannically.
Myrmidon - A faithful follower who carries out orders without question.
Slayer - A person who murders another. Usually gains the title from his killing achievement. The title can also be gained by slaying a great beast.
Assassin - A person who murders his targets by using stealth and tricks. He can assassinate for both political reasons and for money. Orphans love them.
Chieftain - A person who is the leader of a group. Usually a clan or tribe.
Hawkeye - A person with scout abilities and risks his life to save others. Usually with a good eye-sight.
Nightstalker - An infiltrator or similarly skilled person.
Beastmaster - A person who is skilled in taming animals and has received recognition for his great abilities.
Praetorian - A member of a guard group. Usually seen as the nation's best guard group.
Greatheart - See "Lionheart"
Lionheart - A person who has outstanding bravery and faces dangers or fear without any recoil.
Kinslayer - A person who commits the crime of killing others relative. Can also be the killer of a nation's or houses ruler.
Oathkeeper - A person who has gained recognition for being able to keep his oaths.
Oathbreaker - A person who has gained recognition for breaking his oaths.
Hegemon - A person who holds a great amount of power, able to influence events over the world.
Dawnbringer - See "Lightbringer"
Princess - A member of a royal family and daughter of the current king or queen.
Prince - A member of a royal family and son of the current king or queen.
Ruler - A person who leads a nation, house or government. A ruler can also be looked at, as a dictator.
Bane - A person who causes misery and distress for others. Can be a person who ruins or spoils events, or a person who continually causes others grief.
Guardian - A person who guards or takes cares of a person. Someone who guards the handicapped or minors.
Astrologist - A person who is said to predict future events by the positions of the stars, sun and moon.
Jeweler - A person who is skilled in the making of jewelry. Usually the person's occupation.
Retentive - A person who has great abilities of retaining knowledge or information.
Loyalist - A supporter of an existing government, especially in time of revolt.
Rebel - A person who refuses or resists against an existing government.
Chosen - A single person that stands out from the crowd for a specific reason.
Brave - One who possesses courage.
Savior - A person who saves or rescues.

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HollowWorld's Announcer
Lore Staff
Server Outreach


Keep Hollowworld Alive [5$ or more Contribution]

With this contributor option you can select how much to give to the server, as long as it is above $5 you can get a credit. You will only receive 1 credit per "Help Keep HollowWorld Alive" option. That means if you donate $10 for this option, you will receive 1 credit. If you plan to have all three options in one go- you would have to donate the "Help Keep HollowWorld Alive" option 3 times.

You get one of the following:

-Custom Title
-Custom Entry Message *
-Custom Exit Message *
-If you have a confirmed Legend Rank or above, you may use one credit to change your rank color to "Blessed", "Mystic", "Merchant", "Evil", or "Good"
-If you have a confirmed Legend Rank or above, you may use one credit to change your rank color to a Holiday Color (Only applicable during the Holiday month of that theme)

*You may use the credit to have at most, one color coded word in the log-in or log-out. Provide the color via Minecraft's Color Code.


To receive your title or message, notify a staff member ingame.

-Custom titles/messages must be medieval
-Custom title/messages can't break lore
-Full Custom title/messages cannot be colored differently to default unless one word is chosen for the messages.
-Custom messages need to have either the player's username or character name within the message.

If your title or message becomes irrelevant or you want it changed you will need to donate again.


The Crafting Perk [5$ or more Contribution]*
With a minimum of $5, purchase this package for the following perks for 30 days:

+Apply Colored Titles to your items through Anvils
+Use the Chat Feelings plugin for an enhanced roleplay experience or just for fun
+Access Portable: Anvils, Crafting Tables, & Enchantment Tables
+Use the command /back to teleport back from where you warped to. ie- at death, accidentally heading to spawn, and so on
+Use the commands /warp sorrows, nether and frontier for quick teleports to resource worlds
+1 HW Credit

Important Notes
-Separate purchases of this package around the same time do not accumulate and stack, unless it's for the HW credit.
-Single purchases with increased donation amount do not accumulate and stack.
-If you purchase this package a 2nd time before the complete 30day expiry date, the package will replace the time to a renewed 30days that begins at the start of your 2nd purchase.

*In Addition There are two options:

1) The Crafting Perk. A craft rank without the golden rank title. This allows players to keep their chosen colored title while still gaining access to pretty perks. This option allows anyone to subscribe and gain perks, even those who've never donated before. Buyers will not gain any titles that aren't already purchased in their current package or rank.

(Example - If you are a villager, you can purchase the Subscriber Perk and subscribe $5 every month. You do not gain titles beyond Villager Rank with this package)

2) The Golden Craft. A crafter rank /with/ the golden rank title. This shows a player with a golden rank and allows them the perks of the crafter rank. You must be Legend rank or higher because this rank combines all titles accumulated from Legend and below, and Crafter. The Golden Craft - will have access to the all previous titles and commands such as /hat for a total of 292 total titles. The Golden Rank title does expire after 30days if not purchased again. You will return to your prior rank before this purchase was made.

Horse Master - A person who is skilled and has recognition in their abilities to train and breed horses. Can also be the person who controls the travels by horse.

Grandmaster - A person who has highest ability or competence in a specific field.
Constable - An officer with high rank, but lower than sheriff. Can also be a person of such high rank that he will serve as military commander in the absence of a commander.
Hunting Master - A person who is skilled and has recognition in their abilities to hunt.
Seneschal - A person who is in charge of the administration of servants in a noble household.
Barrister - A person who is authorized to appear and present cases at any court in a jurisdictions.
Regent - A person who rules during the absence, disability of the leader.
Justiciar - A officer with high rank in the areas of law and courts.
Innocent - A person who is seen as uncorrupted by evil and is sinless. Usually combined with children and maidens, as they are seen as still sinless.
Clock Keeper - A person who tends or controls the clock of a building.
Vagabond - A person who moves from place to place without a permanent home. Usually due to economical reasons.
Artillator - A person whose occupation is the making of bows or other archery items.
Old One - Old one is the term for someone is really old, yet still powerful and skilled.


Chat Feelings
Enhance your roleplay experience by adding particle feelings to your actions. When you hug another player, they can see and hear it! You must be within a 10b radius of the player. Make sure you have particle animations and sound enabled.

/feelings - To see all feeling options
/hug player
/slap player
/poke player
/highfive player
/yell player
/facepalm player
/bite player
/snuggle player
/shake player
/stab player
/kiss player
/punch player
/murder player
/cry player
/pat player
/scorn player
stalk player
lick player
dab player
boi player

Is someone bothering you? Disable particle animations through your settings, or:
/cf ignore player - Enable or Disable muting a player from using chatfeelings on you
/cf ignore all

Disabled: dab, boi, stalk, spook

Portable Crafting

/warp sorrows
/warp frontier
/warp nether

Name items with Colors
It still costs Enchantments!



[Guardian of Light]

High Paladin - A high ranking Paladin, a leader of the order.
Good - A person who attempts to embody “goodness”.

[Guardian of Darkness]

Conqueror - A person who gains control or subdues an opponent with military force.
Martyr - A person who makes great sacrifices for their belief principle or cause.


These ranks are available during specific holiday months and include six additional titles. You must be of Legend Rank or above in order to have one of these ranks. To purchase one, use 1 HW credit to ask for a Holiday Rank

If you choose to pick these ranks, the titles and colors might not always be released during the holidays! So choose carefully if you change from them.


October Halloween Release
You may choose one of the following ranks. Each rank receives the following exclusive six titles and one HW credit.
Only available during the month of October.

[Pumpkin Rank]
[Spooky Rank]
[Haunted Rank]
Spooky - One who deems to be frightening.
Pumpkin Head - Someone who's a bit silly in the head.
Haunted - A figure that feels anguished or tormented.
Ghoulish - One morbidly interested in death or disaster.
Petrified - Terrified. Someone scared and unable to move.
Blooded - An initiate relating to an activity of blood.

December Winter Release
You may choose one of the following ranks. Each rank receives the following exclusive six titles and one HW credit.
Only available during the month of December.

[Frosty Rank]
[Present Rank]
[Snowflake Rank]
Snowflake - Someone who believes they are special or unique.
Frosty - An act of being cool. Someone who is cold and unfriendly.
Present - Existing or occurring right now.
Mistletoe - A parasitic plant taking on a sweet outward appearance and used to lure lovers together.
Scrooge - A person who is stingy with money and would not part with it easily.
Krampus - A demonic figure in folklore that punishes those who misbehave.

February Winter Release
You may choose one of the following ranks. Each rank receives the following exclusive six titles and one HW credit.
Only available during the month of February.

[Sweetheart Rank]
[Lover Rank]
[Aware Single Rank]
Very Sweet - A person who is known for being considerate and affectionate.
Sweetheart - Someone who is in a romantic relationship with someone else.
Lover - A person which loves life and everything in it—or they're in a romantic relationship with someone. Romance is in the air!
Admirer - One who appreciates other people or some aspect of their life, privately or otherwise.
Solo - Someone who travels through life alone.
Aware Single - And ready to mingle.
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