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[Closed] Maester Alchemist Research and Submission


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Maester Alchemist Research and Submission

Open for the Fall- Oct thru December
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Master Alchemists can use their Masterwork to submit a new alchemist potion through a lore discord ticket. The format must follow the following rules. It must include a main ingredient that is of the same tier of the potion. It preferably has simple ingredients, no mix matching 3+ combos of herbs- At most, it should have 2 major craft steps combining together. Please balance with current potions as examples, or else it’ll be rejected.

Submit as following the {Research Criteria}


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Method of Approval
-In respect to the uniqueness of lore, no two potions submitted should be alike (cannot make a variant potion of one already approved).
-Instead of long discussions to get your lore approved, we’ll be going by the simplest method. Checking if you followed lore and requirements, the potion is a decent addition to roleplay, and is balanced.

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Ooc notes
Your Master Alchemist will be the sole figure who’s discovered the potion and may teach others at their own pace. If another player submits research in learning it, and figures out the combination or method in getting there, they’ll be able to learn it as well. If two people send in around the same submission, we’ll refer to one who has the most straight forward or first submission, where the second player can learn it as well, or consider the discovery was a joint process. Working with other players is encouraged, but only one spokesperson - the master alchemist- will be the disignated ticket speaker. If there are concerns of someone metagaming the information of learning a potion, please send a moderation ticket to ensure your submitted lore was learned properly. However, all potions will be added to the crafting system and players are entirely allowed to discover the potion through it on their own. All approved submissions will be posted publicly.

Once approved- we will have you use up your cooldown on the first potion craft with a screenshot as proof.

Phase I Approved:
Elixir of Echoes - Lana I am Wake
Fiendish Whisper - Melarue Elz
Abyssal Anathema - Lysander TheDeester
Brightspice - Glomlir AbsentUser
Starlit Ink- Kethron Heie
True Phantasm - Juvix_
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This is the last week to get your Master Alchemy potions submitted!
Lore will likely open this up in a future quarter, but I'll be closing it before the new year so the group can focus on other lore aspects.


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Last day to submit something!
Just a reminder that this will likely open up again in another month since it went by smoothly this past quarter. No worries for those who missed this one.
Thank you to those who took part in this run!