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[Campaign Song] - The River Changed


An Alteran Bard
Unexpected Surprise for y'all!

Do you remember that poem I made about the moment the rivers changed? at

Well, a good friend of mine was writing an entire album based on water and he asked me to help writing one of his songs.
So I used that poem as lyrics and we made a song out of it.

I really do recommend you listen to his entire album.
It's called "Whispers of Insanity".

This dude is super musically talented.
He doesn't know the name of a single chord but he can compose like crazy.
He plays mainly bass-guitar, but he can play guitar, drums, piano, I don't think there's anything he can't play.

If you like to listen to the whole album, you can find that [HERE].
If you like to listen to the song about the campaign, you can find it [HERE].

^Cover image of his album^

"High up in the church, the bells rang.
But nobody pulled the rope.
The ominous whistling of the wind sang
Of a change with which I could not cope.

I think the whispers told me,
That the end of times is nigh.
The rivers would not run to sea,
But would run to way up high.

Falling face-first in the current,
Which would take me to its source.
In the swirls my stomach churned.
The river changed its course...

Blinded by the murky water.
Eyesight milky like the mist.
These forces would not barter,
Not with money, faith, nor fist.

As I float closer to the topside,
I wonder how it all will look.
At the end of the ride,
Having flowed from sea to brook.

The music played there backwards.
The sun set in the east.
The dealer dealt no black cards.
And there was no safe retreat.

The jagged cliffs were weightless.
Water wandered through the sky.
This endless moment ageless.
I could no longer die.
Closer to the topside
Of impossibility...
Here I did confide

What happened there to me."

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