Upcoming [10/14-15 | 5PM EST] [Public but Limited | Violent] The Great Expedition of HDS Heir and HDS Spare


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A call is put forth for adventurers to sign up for the first expedition of the HDS Heir and the HDS Spare.

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They will break the fog and then travel south to the Sorrows to seek out if there is any change in the activities of the undead.
There will only be 10 members in total, skilled members of the expedition to advise the captain and officer core.
Captain Aleksei Ivanov
First Mate Wolfgang
Second Mate Jaden
Page Janey
Page Sigmar
Good Doctor Kopii
Page Atrus
Quartermaster Ardaric
Boatswain Uriel
Navigator Henry
Priest Sigmund​

Signup is as follows. The days leading up to the event the thread will be updated with the people chosen.
Name: their name
Experience at sea: is this a land lubber or an experienced sailor?
Skills: what are they supposed to know? are they a doctor, or are they a blessed, or are they there just to hang out?
Desired role: bosun? quartermaster? physician? navigator? officer? just tagging along to answer questions?
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Lord of Altera
Name: Raigo Tideborne
Experience at sea: Experienced sailor
Skills: Fighting and sailing.
Desired role: Guard, or bosun.


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Name: Leofaren Venna
Experience at sea: Has been on boats a fair many times. Accompanied Nikolche on his exploratory voyage.
Skills: Formist, physician, alchemist, enchanter, scholar. Is not a mighty warrior but has trained with swords most of his life for self defense.
Desired role: He intends to heal the crew and chronicle the voyage. Beyond that he will do what is asked of him.


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Ardaric would be interested.
Name: Ardaric Tideborne
Experience at sea: Experienced sailor
Skills: Most if not all skills associated with the sea, swordsmanship, and medicine
Desired role: Quartermaster or Navigator would seem most fitting, though he could fill most roles aboard a ship.


Lord of Altera
Name: Kopii Grey
Experience at sea: He's been on a number of sea voyages and has done smaller sailing trips in the past.
Skills: Formist, archery, medical, repair work, vyre, musical, self defense. He is a good shot with a bow and carries way too many tricks when
Desired role: Medical, ship repair if things get squirrely. He also wants to see what's going on.


is Barken
Name: Henry Callahan
Experience at sea: pretty experienced
Skills: knowledgeable
Desired role: to document


Sea Dweller
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Name: Atrus Mandovi
Experience at sea: He knows how to sail.
Skills: Can navigate, rig, man the wheel, and wave a sword around.
Desired role: Look man, he just wants to sail with Aleksei. Don't make him fish and he'll be happy.


Lord of Altera
Name: Uriel Valhart
Experience at sea: Niko's Voyage - Born in Port City, he knows of ships.
Skills: Big Valiant Blessed blabla
Desired role: Make him something cool. Like Commander Worf in Star Trek TNG

this is tentative, if there is a need for slots to be filled on the day.


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Name: Sigmar
Experience at sea: Knows how to use an oar, and has been on many boats in his travels, but doesn't know how to operate a ship. Knows a few basic knots.
Skills: Combat, knots
Desired role: He's 14, so whatever is needed.

Was encouraged by Elizabeth to go.

Will be late to this though... tutoring after work.


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Name: Sigmund
Experience at sea: Moderate
Skills: Blessed, known to have physical contact with ghosts, and can detect them.
Desired role: Officer and expected role of combat.


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Due to unforeseen circumstances I wont be making it to this, since it will be starting as I am leaving the house. Leo would ICly nominate Kopii to take his place.