sons of jishrim

  1. Blorbis83

    Finished {SoJ- Moderate} Search for the Underbelly [Astrum, 4 PM EST 7/21/20 ]

    The Heir to Astrum and the House of Tekton has gone missing, along with many other children and youngsters. Far too many could have gone missing for them all to have drowned, and there have been no thieves in the streets, nor pirates at port. Not even the giant crabs could have left so few...
  2. Blorbis83

    Finished [SoJ: Public] Liberating the First Camp {Violent- 6/26/20 4 PM EST}

    The First Camp Has Been Found Will the Rescuers Be Successful? Or Shall Their Defeat Empower Kralak? Find out on Friday the 26th, at 4 PM EST! I aim on making this event public, so anyone who has even remotely heard of the SoJ can join in under the pretenses of wanting to help find the camp...
  3. Blorbis83

    Active Now {Player Campaign Overview} The Sons of Jishrim- {Violent}

    THEME Between the time of Archon's departure, and the rise of the monster Qlippoth, there came an age undreamed of, an age of shining kingdoms, riders of steel, and wars that clouded the sky with smoke and blood. Unto this, the players!- destined to wear titles of glory upon their troubled...