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not becoming a wife

  1. I am Wake

    Poster Book Recall - Constellations

    "Metaphysics VIII: Constellations" is being recalled back to the Red Rose in Storms Landing to have the new Archon Constellation added to it-- so that the publication may remain up-to-date and relevant. If you send your copy of the book in, it will be updated for free and sent back to you...
  2. I am Wake

    [Magic] Lana

    "Que los astros guien tu camino" Translated from Aori: "Stars guide your path," Lana's farewell. IG NAME: I_am_Wake CHARACTER: Lana "Luck" Wake PROFILE: { Link } MAGE PROFILE: { Link } PATRON: Figment of Magic TIER: Mage ARCANE SPELL POINTS: 25 PASSIVE: Heresy ARCANE RELICS: None...
  3. I am Wake

    Bounty [Cancelled Bounty] Branko Callas

    This bounty is no longer relevant. This bounty is no longer active. You will not get the reward from Lana. (( + 200K added to bounty by Sugar, added in Comments )) (( +50K Reward if his head is presented to Queen Sugar on a silver platter )) (320k Reward is OOC and IC)
  4. I am Wake

    2021 Guild Wars

    I have been wanting to play Guild Wars 2 lately. I grew up playing Guild Wars 1, you see. The nostalgia was great real when I saw someone playing it around a friend's house. This will dramatically reduce my active playtime on Hollowworld, so I am checking here if anyone plays Guild Wars 2 and...
  5. I am Wake

    Active Now Weekly Lessons [Every Thursday]

    ~Weekly Lessons~ Every Sunderday (Thursday), Lana will strive to offer a small weekly lesson on anything-- for people to ask questions or to learn something new. These are lessons aimed towards younger audiences, though anyone can attend. Rating: Peaceful Location: Frostwarts Public/Private...
  6. I am Wake

    Bounty Book Recall

    Mass recall of books to be rewritten: • Metaphysics II: Magical Energy • Wonders of the Eastern Continent If you own one of these books, please send them immediately back to the publisher, Lana Wake, to be completely rewritten in a new edition. Doing so, you will be sent 600 radiants per...
  7. I am Wake

    Poster Aftermath of The Descent

    Over the next two days, couriers will attempt to reach the following characters and pay them 5'000 Radiants, alongside the delivery of this letter: Thryss - Lenore [Paid] Fronslin - Fronslin [Paid] Valtae - The_VALKYRIE [Paid] Asero - Electric [Paid] Hellmann - Adam/Byrne [Paid] Orro -...
  8. I am Wake

    Poster Seeking Banners

    ~Seeking Banners~ Rare few relics provide such great importance in cultural affair like the common banner. Sigils of noble families, kingdoms, empires- they are symbols of great renown or hatred, dependant solely upon one's perspective. Yet never has a great collection of banners been formed...
  9. I am Wake

    Red Rose Charity

    ~Red Rose Charity~ Formed officially Blessday, 1st of Springrise, PC 2308, the Red Rose Charity is the creation of Lana Wake and Prince Linden Silveira. It is a charity that gives name and brand to charitable acts of kindness directly sourcing from the couple and surrounding family/friends...
  10. I am Wake

    Wake's Bookwriting Guide

    How to Write Books: Pick up a book and quill and start writing! You should not run into any issues. In fact, if you use Conquest, you can fit more words into a book than vanilla! Same with signs! If you begin writing, do plan ahead! A title page, index, source page or even differing chapters...
  11. I am Wake

    Poster Seeking Constructs, Makani and Nakam

    ~Seeking Immortal Constructs, Makani and Nakam~ For the preservation of knowledge and the extended studies of culture, language and history: I invite any Immortal Construct, Makani and any surviving Nakam to seek me in Linistel or send a letter so that I may visit you. The currents of time...
  12. I am Wake

    Poster Silveira Lottery [Free]

    ~The Silveira Lottery~ For the Festival of Love upcoming in Storms Landing, a lottery has been announced. Unlike modern lotteries, however, the lottery is free. This lottery is hosted by Lana "Luck" Wake, aiding her lover, Prince Linden Silveira, Blessed of Sallana, for the festival. The...
  13. I am Wake

    MS Paint Commissions (help)

    On the Community Art Thread, I started making these terrible drawings on MS Paint. Now I need radiants! 100 Radiants per minute spent on your drawing. If you toss I_am_Wake a 1'000 rads, I will spend 10 minutes on your MS Paint artwork-- and so forth. Simple rule: if I do not like what I have...
  14. I am Wake


    Watched a friend play Starsector and I watched this review: Thus I have purchased the game and, like all my other threads, will post any progress if I enjoy this game =)
  15. I am Wake

    Cyberpunk 2077 Thread

    >be me >pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4 >should be arriving today >wake up at 1pm because lazy af >check porch >no game >go toilet >sat on the loo >hear van >get excited beyond my wildest dreams >earlier I can install Cyberpunk with my god awful wifi, earlier I can play >dreaming of making...
  16. I am Wake

    Lana Vignette

    Linistel Palace, 2307, Winterfeast What is a person, if not a soul? Is it wrong for one to accept their anima, their feelings, the combination of desire and dread which fill the heart? Heeled boots clicked along the beautiful stone and smooth wood of the Palace hallways. A familiar, known red...
  17. Ruu Darling

    <{ Court Positions and Representatives }>

    <{ Golden Court Positions }> The Kingdom of Aor is a country home to many diverse individuals in regards to race, faith, and arcane. As to keep the peace among the expanding Monarchy, Aor is governed by the Golden Court with many positions to provide order and maintain peace among the land...
  18. I am Wake

    Finished [29th of November, 4PM EST] Good Intentions

    Image Source "Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate." --Sun Tzu The founding of something new. Olligreen Tideborne GhostKairo123 Omen13 Tagging as per...
  19. I am Wake

    Require Bookshelves

    Hello, I am in dire need of bookshelves. I am attempting to build a library of absurd proportions. I only have a single cow farm that is proving to be very slow. It does not matter if you have eight spare bookshelves or an entire stack: I will buy every bookshelf on this server if I have to...
  20. Ruu Darling

    Finished {28th November, 3pm EST} The Coronation of the Aorian Queen

    For years, the Silveiras have governed over the far western deserts, living in the longest period of peace and organized order. In recent times, the kingdom has grown far up the Western borders of the continent, joined by unity and collectiveness. With support from the people and current and...