Medieval & Fantasy Minecraft Roleplaying

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  1. Luam

    Poster Observe

    To the Church in Harding, the word of God is and has always been as follows; Thou shalt believe true all words of the Light, and shalt observe all its directions. Observe the Will of the Light. This is your sole chance to reconcile your heresy. - The Holy See of Artois kaiser_harding Elz...
  2. JustTheEngineer

    Finished [Ignis] A Call for Order || 12/7/2020, 7 PM EST

    Worship A Calling to Praise Ignis Synnove Cassius West is hosting a public sermon at the Storm’s Landing Cathedral. He will be discussing the importance of Order. Date: Monday, December 7th Time: 7:00 PM EST What? A Sermon to Ignis Synnove by Cassius Where? Storm’s Landing Cathedral...